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Gel Seat Covers

Gel Seat Covers are available in two types.  One is Gel, the other is Air/Gel.

They are very similar in shock absorbing ability.  The Air/Gel is less expensive to make because the factory injects air into the gel during the forming process.  This makes it lighter in weight and and doesn't take as much raw materials during the manufacturing.

The company says the the shock absorption properties are very similar.  I have tried both and would give a slight edge to the Gel.

When making the seat covers, I create a pocket inside the bottom which allows the customer to easily change from one type of gel to the other.  Some people will get one Gel and one Air/Gel so they can choose their favorite to ride on.

If your back tractor seat is not used very much, you can rotate the seat covers which will help minimize one wearing more than the other.  When changing the covers, it's easy and quick to just change to the type of gel you want.

All covers come with a 1/2" of foam under the top material.  This just adds to the comfort of the seat.  If you wear out a seat cover, you can order another without the gel, and just reuse the gel from the original.  I try to make items that are cost efficient.

Regular Tractor Seat Cover with 1/2" standard sew foam $65  
Retro Seat Cover with 1/2" standard sew foam $95
Add 1/2" Air/Gel for another $30
Add 1/2" Gel for another $65
Add 1/2" Memory Foam for another $30

I recommend adding a combination of either Gel or Air/Gel, and then Memory foam on top.

That gives you 3 layers of foam/gel combination which is about a 1 1/2" total.  This addition will isolate you from the hard seat rails in the tractor seat frame.

Multi-Cam, Woodland Green, Olive Drab, Digital, 3 Day Desert, and Urban.....I got your MILITARY colors covered!

You can have your choice of welt color to trim out your seat.

I now have OD and Military Brown Water Proof Cotton Canvas Duck.  If you want that old school MILITARY L@@K then this is it!

I don't have a picture of a Military Brown seat cover, but here's a picture of the canvas and also with it made into a shovel cover.

You can see how thick this Water Proof Canvas is by the way it stands up on edge without flopping over!

The cover is attached with marine grade bungee cord.  All stitching is done with #138 Marine Grade UV Resistant Polyester Thread.

These covers really make the original Ural Tractor Seat a joy to sit on!

I now have a seat cover that fits the extended nose of the Retro Seat.  Here are some pictures of it in Leather Look Marine Vinyl.

All seats are available in a combination of foam and gels of your choice.  You can also add to or change gel or air/gel after you've purchased your seat cover.  I make them so that you can upgrade to more or better padding after you get it.

With the 1/2" sew foam that is standard in every seat cover, you can add a 1/2" gel insert for $65 or a 1/2" air/gel insert for $35.  For the best ride possible with a tractor seat, you can add a 1/2" memory foam top pad with the gel or air/gel for $30.

Here's a picture of the foam and gel options.  This picture shows over a 1 1/2" of total cushion.  The air gel is on the far left, memory foam in the middle, with the standard grey sew foam on the far right.

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